Dorit Bar-Zakay was born in 1954. At about the age 20, she became interested in photography and began studying various specialities which included still photography, cinematography, video, studio, editing, etc. Among the different fields she studied, those that appealed to her the most were Still Photography, Nature and Wildlife Photography.

Already during her first trip to Africa, Dorit was captivated by the continent, describing her experience as "...from the moment my feet touched the ground in Africa, I was seized by the well known, almost 'feverish' love for the continent...".

Over the years, Dorit has been travelling to Africa on numerous occasions, always sensing that People and Nature embraced her. Her insuppressible emotions were eventually brought to light in her illustrated book "Images

from Africa", picturing images from East Africa and Madagascar.
Dorit's widespread photographic excursions have expanded to various destinations on the Globe, including Asia, the Middle and the Far East, most of Europe and North America.

Apart from photography Dorit also engages in lecturing in schools and other educational institutions on the subject of Nature and Wildlife, stressing the importance of protection and conservation of Wildlife as well as of the Environment. She regularly donates a percentage of her income to numerous wildlife, zoological and research organizations. The admirable activities of those organization are highlighted in the "Links" section.

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